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니가타현 | 스키/스노보드장

조에쓰 국제 스키장 (上越国際スキー場)

 0257821028  Nigata Pref. Minamiuonumashi Kabanosawa 112-1

JR 조에쓰선 ‘조에쓰코쿠사이스키조마에(조에쓰 국제 스키장 앞)역’에서 내리면 바로 눈앞에 슬럼프가 펼쳐진 스키장. 도쿄 돔 약 214개 면적의 슬럼프에는 최대 경사 38도의 상급자용 코스부터 초보자도 안심하고 즐길 수 있는 코스까지 다양한 코스가 있다. 스키와 스노보드 모두 이용할 수 있는 두 종류의 하프파이프도 있다. 북쪽 경사면에 위치하기 때문에 강설량도 풍부하고 파우더스노도 즐길 수 있다. 썰매 전용 코스와 어린이 전용 눈놀이 슬로프 등도 있어 가족 단위로도 즐길 거리가 많다.

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게시일:2018/09/10 wonderful skiing experience
a wide skiing resort. I went there 3 times for skiing. have different categories for skier. I was also used for international ski championship. close to JR train station. it was wonderful experience.
게시일:2018/02/06 Not best choice
The Hotel itself is convenient but a little old. Skiing area is broad but some connections between courses are terrible. Moreover. several courses are closed there is much snow more than.enough...
게시일:2017/03/31 Interesting and relatively large in Japan standard
~ a large ski resort in Japan standard
~ 4 zones/areas, linking up by ski lifts
~ the views, different in each area, are fantastic. Trees are of different species, including pine on the top of north...
게시일:2017/01/28 Great spot for learners , very crowded
We didn't use any of the runs, just some novice snowboarding in the large practice area, extremely crowded spot. Hotel was a huge money making factory, endless day trippers, food expensive and WOW $7...
게시일:2016/12/24 Great place
Great place for begginer.
Kids enjoyed their ski school even though the coach didn't speak English.very friendly and patience coach
Follow in action.

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    112-1 Kabanosawa, Minamiuonuma-shi Tokamachi Niigata
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    Shiozawa 2104-2 Tokamachi

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