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Denka Big Swan Std. (デンカビッグスワンスタジアム)

 0252878811  Nigata Pref. Nigatashi Chuou-ku Seigorou 67-12

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게시일:2017/10/10 Kicked off a marathon at this stadium!
built for the 2002 Football/Soccer World Cup, this stadium is a bit of a white elephant but it's a lovely location. The reflecting pool outside is a nice touch. Everything is organized and the place...
게시일:2017/08/22 Great Football Stadium despite athletics track
The stadium itself is a little isolated from Niigata City so most foreigners (on a budget) will need to use the bus from Niigata Station. The bus trip is about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic, and...
게시일:2017/04/25 Just a visit
The big swan stadium is known for its shape as a big swan and also for hosting the World Cup match for England.. Beckham was here :)
The local team plays in J1 League in Japan and consistently...
게시일:2016/07/21 Watching foot ball match
I went to Big Swan Stadium at Niigata for watching a foot ball match played by Albirex Niigata. It was a wonderful moment, as a first time visitor to a stadium for a soccer match
게시일:2016/03/24 The Worlds game, Japan style!
The stadium is easily reached if you drive, with plenty of parking nearby, or by using the excellent shuttlebus service from Niigata's main train station. But be warned! If you rely on the bus, then...

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