NAVITIME Travel Flight arrangement service User Guide Travel Terms and Conditions(Arranged Tour, Online Booking)

The Purpose of this Travel Conditions document

  • When you apply to us to arrange your travel using an online booking system (“Booking System”), it will be handled as set out in this Travel Conditions document.

    ※This Travel Conditions document forms part of the Terms and Conditions of Transaction under Article 12, Paragraph 4 of the Travel Agency Act and of the Contract Document under Article 12, Paragraph 5 of the same act. Also, this document has been drafted in line with the Standard Terms and Conditions of Travel Contracts: Arranged Tour Contracts.

Application Fee and Formation of Contract

  • To apply for the arrangement of a tour, please enter the required information in the “Confirmation of Application Details and Payment” screen of our website, confirm your agreement as required and submit it to us by electromagnetic means.

  • The contract for the tour you are applying for (an Arranged Tour Contract) will be concluded without payment of an application fee when the “Booking Completed” screen, which is our notification that we have accepted your entry into the contract, reaches you.

  • However, please note that, even if we send the “Booking Completed” screen data but you are unable to confirm the screen for any reason attributable to you, such as an issue with your receiving terminal, the contract will be formed nevertheless; if you are unable to confirm the “Booking Completed” screen after submitting your booking, please check “Reservation confirmation page” on our website to confirm your booking.

  • If a Contract Responsible Person representing a tour group makes an application, we will deem that the Contract Responsible Person has the entire rights to represent the members of the group.

Handling Charges

  • We charge a travel administration handling charge for arranging the bookings of your tour and issuing of accommodation vouchers as follows:

  • Handling charges per person:

  • Air ticket (domestic)
    Airline NameNAVITIME Travel handling chargeRemarks
    Jetstar2,190yenPer person per leg
    Peach2,190yenPer person per leg
    Spring Airlines2,190yenPer person per leg
    AirAsia2,190yenPer person per leg
    Japan Airlines Group (JAL)1,100yenPer person per leg
    All Nippon Airways (ANA)1,100yenPer person per leg
    Skymark2,200yenPer person per leg
    Air Do2,200yenPer person per leg
    Star Flyer2,200yenPer person per leg
    Solaseed Air2,200yenPer person per leg
    Fuji Dream Air Lines2,200yenPer person per leg
    IBEX Airlines2,200yenPer person per leg
  • Air ticket (international flight)
    발착 구간추가 요금비고
    일본 발착의 해외 항공권항공권 운임의 10 % 이내 (하한 3,300 엔)한분 당
    일본 국외를 오가는 해외 항공권항공권 운임의 10 % 이내 (하한 3,300 엔)한분 당
    일본 이외의 국내 국내선항공권 운임의 10 % 이내 (하한 3,300 엔)한분 당

Conditions of Application

  • Please let us know if you have any health issue or disability, are pregnant, have an assistance dog or otherwise have any special needs; we will accommodate your needs to the extent possible.

  • The cost of any special arrangements we make upon your request shall be borne by you.

  • We may refuse your application for operational reasons on our part.

Travel Fee

  • In the case of an application from a card member of our partner credit card company (“Member”) made on condition that the Travel Fee and any cancellation and other charges will be paid without the Member’s signature (“Contract by Correspondence”), your credit card payment will be collected as follows:

    1. You provide your membership number, card expiry date and other necessary details at the time of application.
    2. In this section, the “Card Transaction Date” means the date on which payment of the Travel Fee, etc., by the Member or performance of our reimbursement obligation under the Travel Contract is due.
    3. A Travel Contract entered into as a Contract by Correspondence will be deemed to be formed when we issue the notice of acceptance of the application. However, when the notice of acceptance is issued by electronic means such as email, the contract will be deemed to be formed when the notice reaches you.
    4. In the case of a Contract by Correspondence, if part or all of the obligations relating to the Travel Fee, etc., cannot be settled in accordance with the card member agreement of the Partner Company due to the Member credit card expiring or any other reason, we may refuse to enter into the Travel Contract.

Delivery of Contract Documents

  • When the Travel Contract is formed, we will send you the Contract Documents promptly by email. The Contract Documents consist of the itinerary of the tour, details of the Travel Services included, and documents (or numbers, etc.) stating your right to receive those Travel Services.

Our Responsibilities, Compensation, Disclaimers

  1. Our Responsibilities and Compensation

    • If, in the course of performing the Travel Contract, damage is caused to you by us, or our agent making travel arrangements on our behalf causes any damage by intention or negligence, we will compensate you for the damage, provided that we are notified within two years from the day following the date on which the damage occurred. Furthermore, we will compensate for any damage to your baggage up to 150,000 yen per Traveler (unless the damage was caused by our intention or gross negligence), provided that we are notified within 14 days of the day following the date on which the damage occurred.

  2. Disclaimers

    • We will not be responsible for any damage suffered by you in the following or similar cases:

      1. Damage due to a natural disaster, war, riot, order of a government or public agency or suspension of service provision by accommodation facilities;
      2. Food poisoning;
      3. Damage caused by your intention or negligence;
      4. Damage due to any event beyond our control or the control of our Agent
  3. Your Responsibilities

    • If we suffer damage caused by your intention or negligence, we will claim compensation from you.

Handling of Personal Information

  • We will use your personal information contained in the application form submitted at the time of your tour application to contact you, and we will also provide the information to transport operators, accommodation facilities, insurance company and other parties to the extent necessary in order to arrange the Travel Services for your tour and to complete the procedure for receiving these services, and to the extent necessary in order to arrange an insurance policy to cover our contractual responsibilities, costs in case of an accident, etc. If you have special needs such as a requirement for a career to accompany you or for a wheelchair to be provided, we may obtain your personal information other than that specified above to the extent necessary for the purpose of our meeting these needs (or advising you that we are unable to do so), but this will be limited to the extent necessary to make these arrangements. In addition, we may use your personal information to: [1] inform you about our products, services and campaigns and those of our partner companies; [2] to ask you to provide your feedback and opinion after your travel; [3] to ask you to take part in surveys; [4] to provide special services; [5] to compile statistical data.

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  • For any other matters, please refer to our Standard Terms and Conditions of Travel Contracts: Arranged Tour Contracts.