NAVITIME TravelFlight arrangement service (Notes on reservation / purchase)

For those who wish to make a domestic flight reservation

  • NAVITIME Travel offers a reservation service for domestic airline tickets.

  • This service allows you to reserve and purchase your designated airline tickets online, and to send you an e-ticket or "confirmation number" and "reservation number" required for boarding procedures.

Canceling before payment

  • You do not need to inform us when canceling before payment.

  • Applications for which the payment deadline has elapsed will be automatically canceled.

  • Furthermore, if the payment deadline has elapsed, you will need to start the process over again.

Canceling after payment

  • All cancellations after payment will incur a cancellation fee.

  • The cancellation fee is the total amount of the refund handling charge and cancellation handling charge stipulated by the airline company, and the cancellation processing charge stipulated by NAVITIME Travel.

  • The amount refunded to the customer is the amount remaining after the cancellation fee, handling fee, and administrative fee have been deducted from the amount paid.

  • Cancellation fees vary slightly according to the reservation’s airline company, ticket type, period, and number of days until the departure date of the reserved flight.

    • Please confirm each of the below items regarding the refund handling charge and cancellation handling charge stipulated by the airline company.
    • The cancellation handling charge stipulated by NAVITIME Travel is 2,200 JPY per person, per way.
  • If you wish to cancel an airline ticket purchased on NAVITIME Travel, please apply using the cancellation form, or contact our call center during business hours. Please be aware that cancellations requested outside of business hours will be handled the following business day.

  • Please check here for information on how refunds are handled for flights canceled or delayed due to bad weather, faulty equipment, etc.

Changing a reserved flight before payment

  • You do not need to contact us when changing a reserved flight before payment.

  • Applications for which the payment deadline has passed will automatically be canceled.

  • Additionally, if the payment deadline has passed, it will be necessary to restart the process from the beginning.

Changing a reserved flight after payment

  • Customers with date/time-flexible tickets

    • Customers with date/time-flexible tickets may change their boarding date and boarding flight only for flights with the same airline company, during the same period, for the same passenger. Please contact your airline company directly.

      *As airline ticket prices fluctuate according to usage period, changes may incur additional fees.

    • The period when changes can be made is within 90 days from the payment date.

  • For customers with fixed-date/time airline tickets

    • Fixed-date/time airline tickets cannot be changed for any reason. If you need to change your ticket, please cancel your ticket and start the process over again.

      *Please check "Canceling after payment" above for details on the cancellation process.

  • Furthermore, airline ticket name changes cannot be made for any ticket type. Please be aware that tickets can also not be transferred to third parties.
    If changing the passenger, please cancel the reservation and start the process over again.

About added LCC(Jetstar, Peach, Spring, AirAsia) checked baggage and seat selection

  • On NAVITIME Travel, we handle only tickets of type that does not include price for addition of checked baggage / seat. Please note that extra charges will be incurred if you wish to add checked baggage / seat selection.

  • Customers who wish to add checked baggage / seat assignment will be excused, but please contact us after purchase. We will guide fee etc.

  • We only accept inquiries after ticket application.

How to pay

  • We accept payments made by credit card.

    • Click the "Proceed to payment screen" button displayed on the “Application complete” screen. If the button is not displayed, please proceed from the payment URL in the billing email sent to you.

    • After completing payment, the fee will be automatically withdrawn from your designated bank account, per the membership agreement of your credit card.

    • We cannot respond to inquiries regarding details of the contract between customers and their credit card companies. Please inquire to your credit card company directly.

Handling charge for arranging airline tickets

  • On NAVITIME Travel, the handling charge for arranging airline tickets is set as the shareholder voucher handling charge incurred for procuring shareholder priority discount airline tickets.

  • Handling charges are charged per person, per way as follows.

  • Airline nameHandling chargeShareholder voucher handling chargeNotes
    Japan Airlines Group (JAL)1,100Yen7,360YenPer person one-way
    All Nippon Airways (ANA)1,100Yen8,060YenPer person one-way
    Skymark2,200Yen-Per person one-way
    Air Do2,200Yen-Per person one-way
    Star Flyer2,200Yen5,740YenPer person one-way
    Solaseed Air2,200Yen-Per person one-way
    Fuji Dream Air Lines2,200Yen-Per person one-way
    IBEX Airlines2,200Yen-Per person one-way
    Jetstar2,190Yen-Per person one-way
    Peach2,190Yen-Per person one-way
    Spring Airlines2,190Yen-Per person one-way
    AirAsia2,190Yen-Per person one-way

Fee structure

  • The fee charged for the NAVITIME Travel airline ticket arrangement service is the total amount of the items below.

    1. Fare
    2. Passenger facility usage fee
    3. Airline ticket arrangement handling fee
    4. (Shareholder priority discount airline tickets only) Shareholder voucher handling charge for procuring shareholder priority discount airline ticket
    5. Administrative fee

Reservation and payment deadlines

  • The airline ticket arrangement services by NAVITIME Travel are available until the date of departure.

    • Depending on the airline company, reception on the day of departure may not be accepted.
  • The payment deadline is, in principle, set to within three days the application date, including the application date. Depending on the ticket type, the payment deadline may be the same day or the following day of the application. Please check the “Application complete” email sent to you for the correct details.

  • Furthermore, for applications made on the day of departure, the confirmation number and reservation number required for boarding procedures may not be issued in time for the close of check-in. Please apply for tickets with plenty of time to spare.