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Beppu Hato Hot Spring Festival (別府八湯温泉まつり)

 0977242828  Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

This festival is to show thanks for the many hot springs in Beppu, which is Japan's leader in number of sources and volume of hot springs, and is said to be rooted in a ceremony from the Beppu region's original Onsen-jinja Shrine. There are a number of events, including the Ogiyama Fire Festival, known as one of Japan's largest fire festivals, as well as the Onsen-jinja Shrine parade where watchers splash mikoshi carriers with hot spring water. Also, many of the city's onsen facilities are free during the festival, so people come from all over to enjoy the festival. Be sure not to miss the stalls serving local delicacies, too.


Early Apr.Scheduled
Depends on the day/event
Average attendance
Street stall

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Nearby Spots

Nearby Tourist Attractions

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    Beppu Tower
    Other Sightseeing
    Oita Pref. Beppushi Kitahama 3-10-2

Nearby Restaurants

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Nearby Hotels

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    Beppu Kamenoi Hotel
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    5-17, Chuo-machi, Beppu Oita Prefecture

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