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Kyo no Tanabata (京の七夕 堀川会場)

 0752220389  Kyoto Kyoutoshi Nakagyou-ku Nijoujouchou

An event gaining popularity as a new summer tradition in Kyoto, the Kyo no Tanabata festival is held at several venues in Kyoto Prefecture. A variety of programs are conducted at event venues such as Tanabata decorations, decorative lighting, paper lanterns with messages painted on them, evening illumination of gardens, and street stalls, attracting many attendees each year. The magical atmosphere created by the use of decorative lighting at many event venues creates a magical atmosphere, and the festival is also a popular date event.


2018/8/4-10 19:00-21:30
Average attendance
In addition, also held in Kamogawa, Nijo Castle, Umekoji Park, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine/Kitano Kamiya River and Okazaki

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