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Sounkyou Onsen Hyoubaku Festival (Ice Waterfall Festival) (層雲峡温泉氷瀑まつり)

 0165821811  Hokkaido Kamikawagunkamikawachou Sounkyou No hot spring

A major event and winter tradition in the Sounkyou area considered one of Hokkaido's greatest winter festivals. Huge ice structures made utilizing the extremely cold weather near the Kari River, performances, and numerous ice sculptures big and small create a magical atmosphere. Every year large numbers of tourists come to enjoy the festival's many events, such as taiko drum and traditional Ainu folk performances; mochi-maki (throwing mochi rice balls into a crowd), stands and stalls, an ice bar, ice slides, ice climbing, and ice waterfall weddings.


2019/1/25-3/17 13:00-22:00
Average attendance
Street stall

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