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Shizuoka | Event

Atami Baien Ume Festival (熱海梅園梅まつり)

 0557852222  Shizuoka Pref. Atamishi Baienchou 8-11

A grand event held each year at the Atami Baien garden in line with the ume (Japanese apricot/Chinese plum) blooming season from January to March. During this time, 472 ume trees spanning some 59 varieties come into gorgeous bloom, including early-blooming varieties, late-blooming varieties, and trees over 100 years old. Meanwhile, a variety of entertainments are provided, such as concerts and performances of traditional arts by Atami geisha and rakugo comic storytellers. There are also stalls and stands selling food and souvenirs, and samples of amazake sweet sake are handed out. The garden bustles with flower-viewing visitors during the festival.


To be determined 8:30-16:00Scheduled
Average attendance
Street stall

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