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Ichinoseki Summer Festival Iwai River Kawabiraki Fireworks Display (一関夏まつり磐井川川開き花火大会)

 0191233434  Iwate Pref. Ichinosekishi Aoba Town side river bed

This fireworks display is held on the first day of the Ichinoseki Festival in Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture. A variety of fireworks, with many starmines, is launched and color the night sky with impressively large flowers. Several events, including the massive parade dance of the Kurukuru Odori where citizens participate and the Ichinoseki Mikoshi (portable shrine) Festival, are held at the festival over three days, and bamboo poles for Tanabata and windsocks decorate the shopping streets.


Number of fireworks
10,000 shots
Paid spectator seating
Not available
In case of stormy weather
Held if light rain/Postponed in bad weather
Parking Lot

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