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Morioka Fireworks Festival (盛岡花火の祭典)

 0196383399  Iwate Prefecture Morioka city Kuninami-Ohashi Bridge downstream Kitakami River

This fireworks display is the largest in the Morioka region, and is held on the banks of the Kitakami River. Including starmines, special effect fireworks and 12 inch shells by pyrotechnics masters, approximated 10,000 fireworks both big and small are launched one after another, awing the crowds. There are dances such as Sansa festival dancing, Soran Bushi dancing and lion dancing, as well as the traditional local performing art Tonan Taiko drumming, giving the display even more of a festival atmosphere.


[Fireworks launch]19:25-20:30
Number of fireworks
10,000 shots
Paid spectator seating
Average attendance
In case of stormy weather
Held if light rain/Postponed in bad weather
Reserved date:2018/8/12
Parking Lot

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