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Toda Bridge Fireworks Festival (戸田橋花火大会)

 0484411800  Saitama prefecture Toda-shi national highway 17 Todabashi upstream upstream Toda side Arakawa riverbed

This huge fireworks festival has been popular for many years as a Toda City summer tradition. Visitors can watch from near the launch area, where the powerful reverberations fill the body. The festival is held at the same time as the Itabashi Fireworks Display on the opposite side of Arakawa River, letting you take in about 12,000 fireworks in total from both banks. Crowd pleasers like enormous 120 inch shells and elaborate starmines electrify the viewing areas with raucous cheering and applause. We recommend viewing from the relatively unpacked riverside near the Toda Bridge boat launch. Plenty of food stalls line the streets from the Honmachi 5 intersection down to the riverside, adding to the lively festival atmosphere.


Number of fireworks
12,000 shots (Including Itabashi Fireworks Festival)
Paid spectator seating
Average attendance
In case of stormy weather
reserved date:2018/8/5
Tel:048-441-1800(Todabashi Fireworks Display Executive Committee Secretariat)

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