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Kagawa | Mountain

Mt. Doun (洞雲山)

 Shodoshima cho Kodo-gun, Kagawa prefecture

A mountain and the first station of 88 sacred places on the Shodoshima Pilgrimage on the island of Shodoshima. A stunning natural phenomenon occurs here known as the Summer Solstice Kannon, which may only be viewed from early June to mid-July; during this time, when sunlight pours into the mountain's cave, the light striking the walls looks like a figure of the deity Kannon, and each year many people visit here to see the sight.


This mountain is at the southern tip of Shodoshima Island, and the string of rocky peaks in the area create a small-scale Alpen mood. This mountain has the best view of any on Shodoshima. This is part of the mini-sized version of Shikoku's 88 temple pilgrimage, with temples on Doun, and Mt. Goishi, using mountain caves as places of worship called Isshinji Temples. The view from the summit is good, with views of Shodoshima Island sights like Mt. Hoshigajo, Kankakei, and Utsukushinohara, as well as other islands of the Seto Inland Sea. However, the west side is a sheer drop off, so please be careful. The trailhead is near the Summer Solstice Kannon in front of Dounzan Reijo temple.

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