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Nagasaki | Mountain

Mt. Inasa (稲佐山)

 Nagasaki Pref. Nagasakishi Inasamachi

This is a mountain in Nagasaki City with a height of 333 meters. The view from the mountaintop is spectacular and looks out over Nagasaki City and Nagasaki Bay, and Mt. Inasa is a popular sightseeing spot visited by many seeking a nighttime view in particular. The observatory was renovated and reopened in 2011. Enjoy the “10 million dollar night view” from this space featuring a floor inlaid with illumination that twinkles like precious stones.


Parking Lot
Shortest Course: This trail extends from the Welfare Center bus stop along the road to the crematorium, through the Inasayama Park parking lot and toward the mountain peak. The trail climbs 278 meters. One way it's three kilometers, and takes 60 minutes. There's no parking area near the entrance to the trail, but there is space for up to 14 cars at the Fuchijinja Ropeway Station. The area around the summit is part of the Mt. Inasa Park, so it's easy to access by car or ropeway. A little ways away from the heart of the park, the surroundings return to untouched nature, and the walk along the mountain to Tateiwa (Gongen Rock) offers a rich taste of mountain charm. The night view is also highly recommended.
Candle Rock Course: This course proceeds from Tateiwa Dori/Tateiwa Jinja Mae bus stop through the residential district along the mountain ridge, through Candle Rock and the park parking lot to Mt. Inasa's summit. The trail climbs 278 meters. There are large rocks just after you climb the stairs in the residential area, and then the whole landscape turns rocky. The ridge trail is marked with tape so there's no chance of getting lost. This is a rocky mountain used as a practice spot for rock climbers, so it's quite difficult.

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