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Izumo Bunka Denshokan (Izumo Cultural Heritage Museum) (出雲文化伝承館)

 0853212460  Shimane Pref. Izumoshi Hamachou 520

Izumo Bunka Denshokan (Izumo Cultural Heritage Museum) preserves the cultural heritage of the Izumo region with displays that include the relocated Omoya (main building) and Nagaya-mon Gate of the former residence of the Ezumi Family (who were wealthy farmers resident in the Izumo region), a recreation of the Dokuraku-an (a teahouse which was beloved by Matsudaira Harusato, the seventh lord of the Matsue domain and commonly called Fumaiko), an Izumo-style garden, etc. There is also a Soba noodle restaurant where visitors can enjoy authentic Izumo Soba noodles, and an Izumo Cultural Workshop where visitors can take part in creative activities, etc., making this an ideal destination for people of all ages.


9:00-17:00 (Admission is until 16:30)
[Tea room] 9:00-16:00
Monday (Open in the case of Public holiday)
[Admission fee]Free
Parking Lot
Available (about 200 spaces)
Credit Card
Not available

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Review of Izumo Cultural Tradition Hall

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2016/09/08 Old history
Nice museum and nice garden all around with a very nice compound. feeling like dream when you roam around the Hall.
Reviewed:2014/11/13 Traditional Tea Ceremony
This is a beautiful property. I attended a traditional tea ceremony. I can't say that I liked the taste of the tea but I drank it all. You also eat a small sweet cake prior to drinking the tea...
Reviewed:2018/10/22 Japanese Traditional Wealthy Farmer's House
Reviewed:2018/10/07 豪商のお屋敷
Reviewed:2018/05/23 綺麗に手入れされた邸宅で癒しを満喫

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