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Niigata | Shrine (Inari/Gongen)

Yahiko-jinja Shrine (彌彦神社)

 0256942001  Nigata Pref. Nishikambaragunyahikomura Yahiko 2887-2

Yahiko-jinja Shrine, situated at the foot of Mt. Yahiko in Yahiko Village, Nishikanbara County, Nigata Prefecture, is a shrine of the old Echigo Province and even appears in the Manyoshu (collection of Japanese poetry). The enshrined deity, Ame-no-Kaguyama-no-Mikoto, has long been widely worshipped as the god of culture and development in Echigo Province. The impressive shrine building, erected in front of the backdrop of cedar and zelkova forests and Mt. Yahiko, was rebuilt in 1916. The Shida-no-otachi long sword, designated a national important cultural property, and other weapons connected with Minamoto No Yoshiie, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, and Uesugi Kenshin, are on display in the shrine’s treasure hall.


Grounds Freedom
open everyday
Precincts freedom
[entrance to the treasure house] 300 yards
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Not available

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Review of Yahiko Shrine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/11/09 Chrysanthemum Festival
Travel from Tokyo to Yahiko Shrine on 29 Oct, drizzling & quiet town. About 15min walk from Yahiko station, passed by tourist center & some shops, from far saw a red tall torii gate standing in...
Reviewed:2018/04/30 Take the time to visit
The shrine is in the park and it’s well worth a visit. It’s very beautiful and the history just amazing.
Reviewed:2017/12/14 Plain & sea
When you go there, a car is better. If u don't have, get a lent a car because train have once a hour. It might be no train at 14 o'clock. you can meet God's and get a power! This is one of Japanese...
Reviewed:2017/11/29 Sacred Place
If you'd like to feel sacred, you don't have to visit Ise Shrine. Go straight to Yahiko. Stay calm, and just feel the atmosphere.
Reviewed:2017/05/25 Nice but I doubt if we should aim for this place
As I had time to spend before staying overnight in Niigata to go to Sado on the next day, I chose this place. Off at Tsubame Sanjo( Shinkansen), I was prepared to wait for one hour but luckily(I...

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