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Hyogo | Bread

Isuzu Bakery Kitanozaka Branch (イスズベーカリー北野坂店)

 0783913963  Hyogo Pref. Koubeshi Chuou-ku Nakayamatedori 1-8-18 Tangyo Building 1F

This is a bakery on Nakayamate-dori in Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, its bread made by the artisans recognized in the first Kobe Master Kobe bread division. It is a popular place often featured in television programs. On the theme of “daily dining,” they offer breads from standard rectangular bread to lunchtime favorite side-dish bread. They have a special system by which a new bread gets introduced every month, making every visit a fresh one.


[Friday・Saturday・The day public holiday]10:00-24:00
[Sunday・Public holiday]10:00-22:00
open everyday
Parking Lot
open everyday
Credit Card
Not available
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Vegetarian Menu
Not available
English Menu
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Review of Isuzu Bakery Kitanozaka

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/11/21 유명한 빵집
고베에서 유명한 빵집이라서 일부러 찾아갔는데 우리나라 맛있는 빵집 맛이었어요 시식 할 수 있어서 먹어보고 사는것도 좋아요 종류가 정말 많았어요
Reviewed:2018/08/16 인상적인 맛은 아니에요
고베에서 유명한 제과점이라서 가봤는데, 객관적으로 맛은 있긴한데 요즘 우리나라 제과 기술이 너무 발달한건지 인상적이지는 않았네요. 배가 불렀던건지, 한국에도 맛있는 빵이 이제 많은건지 딱히 인상깊은 맛은 아니었어요. 지나가다가 있으면 들르는 정도는 괜찮을거 같아요
Reviewed:2018/08/05 美味しいのと普通のと
Reviewed:2018/06/08 蛋沙律X厚蛋治?!イスズベーカリー (ISUZU BAKERY)
神戸有很多有名的麵包蛋糕店,其中這家有七十年歷史的「イスズベーカリー (ISUZU BAKERY)」一直受到居民的喜愛,常有電視台採訪,並以山形鬆軟的麵包而聞名。


Reviewed:2018/05/14 《スコッチエック カレー》は 半切りのゆで卵が入っているので 空腹時のお薦めの一品です
イススヘーカリーは神戸を拠点としたヘーカリーで 神戸に4店舗(本店、元町店、北野坂店、生田ロート店)しかなく、どれも美味しそうで 価格的にもリースナフルであることから 神戸を訪問した際は何時も立ち寄ってしまい、今回 こちらで《スコッチエック カレー 194円》《フランスde あんことハター 151円》を購入しました(添付 写真参照)。 こちらで《フランスde...

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