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Okinawa | Aquarium

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (沖縄美ら海水族館)

 0980483748  Okinawa Pref. Kunigamigunmotobuchou Ishikawa 424 (inside Ocean Expo Park)

This aquarium is inside the Ocean Expo Park in the Kunigami County. It boasts the world’s largest tank, which is home to a whale shark over eight meters long and Alfred mantas, the biggest member of the ray family. The expertly designed exhibits bring the seas around Okinawa to life, showcasing coral reef and other deep-sea wildlife. There’s also a lunch buffet with an ocean view (a la carte also available at certain hours) that is accessible without entering the aquarium.


[Oct.-Feb.] 8:30-18:30
[Mar.-Sep.] 8:30-20:00
※ Admission deadline is closing 1 Hours
[Days closed] Dec.1st Wednesday and The next day (same as Ocean Expo Park Closed for the day Sunday)
[Admission fee] Adults 1850yen, High School Students 1230yen, Elementary and Junior High School Students 610yen, under the age of 6 Free
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Available(VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX)
Information as of 20177 month

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Review of Cafe Ocean Blue

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/11/07 Great cafe
Get the reserve seat to avoid crowd for viewing marine life next to you. It’s worth if need to be wait.
You will have 30min on the seat. Enjoy!
Price inside cafe is reasonable too
Reviewed:2018/10/08 ジンベエを独り占め!!!
Reviewed:2018/08/26 最高です
Reviewed:2018/07/19 窓際は特等席

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