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Kyoto | Shrine

Shimogamo-jinja Shrine (下鴨神社)

 0757810010  Kyoto Kyoutoshi Sakyou-ku Shimogamoizumigawachou 59

Formally titled the Kamomioya Shrine, this historic Shinto shrine is one of Kyoto’s oldest. The entire grounds of the shrine are registered as part of the “Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto” World Heritage listing. Dedicated to the guardian deity of Kyoto as well as the guardian deity of woman’s duties, since ancient times the shrine has been seen as providing divine aid in receiving guidance, achieving victory, and starting new projects. The grounds are also dotted with women-oriented shrines and sites, such as the Aioi-sha, a shrine dedicated to luck in marriage, and Kawai Shrine, a guardian shrine for women.


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Review of Shimogamo Jinja

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/11/16 A biggie in Kyoto
Most won't visit these lesser traveled shrines in Kyoto sticking to the tourist-packed icons in Higashi-yama or Arashiyama. This is a beautiful shrine in beautiful park that enshrines it.
Reviewed:2018/10/02 The other twin shrine of Kyoto
Along with the Kamigamo, this is one of the oldest shrines in the city. It abuts a natural forest and makes for some lovely quiet walks. It's also not on the tourist bus track so you'll enjoy peace...
Reviewed:2018/09/12 Japanese world heritage site
This is a must-go if you are a fan of historical and cultural architecture. Apart from this, if you are superstitious, hoping that there would be good luck for your work, love life or health. This...
Reviewed:2018/08/12 Go at the right time of year
This is probably the most interesting shrine, if you go at the right time of year. Probably any festival - and we attended one in August - has some interesting traditions. You can walk through a...
Reviewed:2018/08/04 Mitarashi Festival
While the shrine itself is certainly beautiful, it's fun to go near the end of July and attend the Mitarashi Festival. You can light a candle and walk through a knee-deep pool to place it at the...

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