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Hokkaido | Other Historic Site/Building

Hoheikan (豊平館)

 0112111951  Hokkaido Sapporoshi Chuou-ku Nakajimakouen 1-20

It is located about five minutes from Nakajima Koen Station in a Western-style hotel that was completed in August 1881 by the Hokkaido Colonization Bureau. The building is an American-style wooden two-story building with a basement, and the roof has eight chimneys. It is very impressive with white outside walls and vivid ultramarine blue window frames. You can see five-pointed stars decorating the front center and gables on the left and right wings, beautiful Japanese-style ceiling decorations made with traditional techniques, fireplace mantelpieces finished with plaster and other amazing plaster work from the time it was built. There is a cafe corner which was formerly a dining hall on the first floor where you can spend a grand time.


[View Hours] 9:00-17:00 (Reception is until 16:30)
[Admission fee to view] General 300 yen, Junior High School Students or less Free
Parking Lot
open everyday
※ 2 spaces space available for people with disabilities Available
Credit Card
Not available

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