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Todoroki Keikoku Gorge (等々力渓谷)

 0337044972  Tokyo Setagaya-ku Todoroki 1-22, 2 - 37 - 38 outside

Todoroki Keikoku Gorge is the only gorge within the 23 Special Cities that make up central Tokyo. The Gorge is a real “urban oasis,” conveniently located only five minutes’ walk from Todoroki Station on the Tokyu Oimachi Line, and around 20 minutes’ journey from Shibuya. Go down the steps at the “Gorge Entrance” sign at the foot of the Golf Bridge, and a wealth of natural beauty that you would never expect to see within the 23 Special Cities opens up before you. Visitors to the Gorge can enjoy beautiful scenery that changes with the seasons, from the plum blossom of February, through the cherry blossom of April and the new spring greenery of May through to the red leaves of the Japanese maple trees in autumn. Todoroki Keikoku Gorge offers more than just natural beauty; there is also an ancient Kofun burial tumulus, a traditional Japanese garden, the Fudo-no-taki waterfall, etc. With so much to see, Todoroki Keikoku Gorge receives many visitors throughout the year.


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