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Fukushima | Park / Green Space

Oze National Park (尾瀬国立公園)

 Gunma prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Fukushima prefecture, Niigata prefecture

This is the largest high wetland in Honshu also known as the motif of a nationally beloved song, Natsu-no Omoide (“Summer Memories”). It is the 29th national park in Japan and includes Ozegahara. It is home to animals and plants unique to wetlands such as mizubasho (lysichiton americanum or asian skunk cabbage), iris setosa (arctic iris) and ermine as well as alpine plants such as day lilies and gentiana thunbergii. As the whole park area is formed by mountains such as Mt. Kasagatake, Mt. Shibutsu and Mt. Hiuchigatake, climbing equipment and clothes suitable to the season are indispensable. There are three campgrounds in the area and two visitor centers, and it is a base for walking and climbing.


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    Ozenuma Visitor Center
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    Fukushima Pref. Minamiaidugunhinoematamura Mt.

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