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Kagoshima | Other Sightseeing Spot

Jomon Sugi (縄文杉)

 Kagoshima Prefecture Kumage-gun Yakushima-cho

This is the largest yakusugi (a type of Japanese cryptomeria or cedar) growing naturally on Yakushima. Discovered in 1966 by Mr. Teiji Iwakawa, its age is estimated to be 7,200 years. The trunk has a circumference of 16.4 meters and is covered in bumps, a characteristic of Yakushima sugi, and has a very mysterious appearance. Those wishing to visit the tree should note that proper mountain trekking gear is needed as one must pass through impregnable primeval forest and follow an old logging rail track, a trip that entails more than 10 hours of walking altogether to and from the tree. This tree is included in the World Heritage Site of Yakushima, and since touching the tree is prohibited, visitors can appreciate it from a platform located approximately 15 meters away.


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