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Kyoto | Art Museum

Shokoku-ji Temple Jotenkaku Museum (相国寺承天閣美術館)

 0752410423  Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Kamigyo-ku Imadegawa-ku Karasuma Dongyu

An art museum on the grounds of Shokoku-ji Temple in Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City. The museum was opened in 1984 as part of the events commemorating the 600th anniversary of the founding of Shokoku-ji Temple. The museum stores and displays cultural properties such as writings, paintings, and crafts which belong to the Shokoku-ji Temple and Rinzai Shokoku-ji Buddhist temples like the Kinkaku-ji Temple and Ginkaku-ji Temple. Visitors can view a variety of spectacular pieces, including five National Treasures and 143 Important Cultural Properties. Ito Jakuchu’s Image of Grape Vines with Small Birds and Image of a Banana Plant in Moonlight, which once served as screen paintings in the Kinkaku-ji Temple’s Daisho-in hall, are on permanent display.


10:00-17:00 (purchase tickets purchase until 16:30)
open everyday (closed for exhibition change)
[Admission fee] General 800 yen, Over 65/College student 600 yen, Junior high and senior high school student 300 yen, Elementary school students 200 yen (There are differences depending on exhibition

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