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Mie | Shrine (Inari/Gongen)

Ise Jingu (伊勢神宮)

 0596241111  Mie Pref. Iseshi Ujitachichou 1

This shrine in Ise City is the Honshuji of the Jinja Honcho (Association of Shinto Shrines). Its official name is simply Jingu, and it has been familiarly called O-Ise-san since long ago. The name “Jingu” is actually used as a general term to refer to 125 jinja (shinto shrines) including the two shogu of Naiku, dedicated to Amaterasu-Omikami, and Geku, dedicated to Toyo’uke-no-Omikami as well as other betsugu (associated shrines) and setsumatsu-sha (auxiliary or subsidiary shrines). When making a pilgrimage to Ise, the official order of the pilgrimage is to enter the Naiku from the Geku. Once every 20 years the shaden (the main building of a Shinto shrine) of the Naiku, Geku and 14 other betsugu are reconstructed and the enshrined objects are transferred from the old to the new structures.


[Oct./Nov./Dec.] 5:00-17:00
[Jan./Feb./Mar/· Apr./Sep.] 5:00-18:00
[May/June./July./Aug.] 5:00-19:00

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Review of Ise Shrine (Ise Jingu)

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/11/19 MUST-SEE
There's a reason this is one of the most important shrines in Japan - the sun goddess lives here! But aside from that, this has to be one of the most beautiful and peaceful shrines we've ever visited...
Reviewed:2018/11/19 To avoid if no religious significance
The shrine is in a nice place, but the park is not open for walks and the tourists are confined in a very limited space. Although there are huge cedars to see and a nice spot close to the rivers, the...
Reviewed:2018/11/07 Serenity, not grandeur
I have to agree with others that the religious significance of this place is the key reason to visit. It's one of the most important shrine for Taoists and many people come to pray for themselves and...
Reviewed:2018/10/17 Go before the tourists discover the place
One thing that jumps out in Ise is how few tourists there are - it's an important Shinto shrine and most of the people you see are locals. My husband had read about this place while doing his MA in...
Reviewed:2018/10/04 Most sacred shrine for shintoists
If you want to get closer to japanese heart and soul, go to Ise Naiku. It's the place where the Sun goddess Amaterasu lives. At the beginning of path you have to cross holy Isuzu river. Then go...

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