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Tochigi | Historical Monument

Shinkyo Bridge (神橋)

 0288540535  Tochigi Pref. Nikkoushi Kamihatsuishimachi

The Shinkyo Bridge is a beautiful bridge that hangs at the entrance into the mountains of Nikko, and is a structure which belongs to Futarasan Shrine. At the end of the Nara period, on the occasion of Shodo Shonin founding a temple, he sought divine assistance from gods and Buddhas as he was blocked from crossing the Daiya River. Thereupon, Jinja-ou (the God of the River) had appeared and released two snakes. Legend has it that mountain sedge sprouted from the backs of those two snakes and they turned into a bridge which is the Shinkyo Bridge. The bridge was built in its current vermillion-lacquered form in 1636. Thereafter, it was washed away by a flood, but it was rebuilt in 1904. It is an Important Cultural Property of Japan and it was also registered as a World Heritage site in 1999. The Shinkyo bridge is regarded as one of the three most eccentric bridges in Japan.


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