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Iwate | Castle / Ruins of Castle

Morioka Castle Site Park (盛岡城跡公園)

 Iwate Pref. Moriokashi Uchimaru 1-37

Morioka Castle, which was completed in 1633 as the residence of the Nanbu clan is a flatland castle which takes advantage of the natural barriers of the Kitakami River, the Shizukuishi River, and the Nakatsu River; it is also known by another name Kozukata Castle. As a flatland castle composed of stone walls, it is the largest such type north of the Kanto region. Although now only the stone walls and a pond remains, Morioka Castle Site Park is used as a place for relaxation and refreshment by the citizens of Morioka. Inside the park is a monument in memory of Takuboku Ishikawa inscribed with one of his poems: “Kozukata no oshiro no kusa ni nekorobite sora ni suwareshi ju-go no kokoro (English: I laid down on the grass of the Kozukata Castle, absorbed by the sky; my heart of fifteen).” The end of April is the season to see cherry blossoms, and in addition there are beautiful flowers to enjoy in all four seasons such as the rose garden, hydrangea, and the fall foliage.


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