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Shiseki Sado Kinzan (史跡佐渡金山)

 0259742389  Nigata Pref. Sadoshi Shimoaikawa 1305

As Japan’s largest gold mine this was under the Tokugawa shogunate’s direct control and was engaged in the production of koban (small former Japanese oval gold coins). Operations ceased in 1989 due to an exhaustion of its resources, which brought to a close 400 years of history. The mining and refining facilities on the grounds have been designated as National Important Cultural Properties. Currently visitors can see exhibits of model exhibits of the Sado Kinzan during the Edo period based on drawings from Sado Kinzan Emaki (picture scrolls) as well as the remains of actual tunnels that were used.


[Apr.-Oct.] 8:00-17:30
[Nov.-Mar.] 8:30-17:00
30 minutes entering the event
open everyday
Parking Lot
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Review of Historic Relic Sado Gold Mine

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/11/07 Very interesting gold mine dating back to 1500
This was well worth the stop. Lifesize animated characters that look like real people inside the gold mine working the tunnels. Don't skip the museum as you exit the mine as it's also very...
Reviewed:2018/11/01 Great place to understand the history of gold mining in Japan
This place was used to be most productive gold mine in Japan, in operations throughout the Edo period, with as much as 400kg of gold extracted per year. Today it served as a museum, with two sets of...
Reviewed:2018/09/04 Edo period gold mine
This is interesting for those of you who like historical things. This place has two gold mines we only did the Edo period mine for 900¥. There are explanations in English on the sign boards through...
Reviewed:2018/06/22 Excellent Educational Opportunity
Good technical presentation - was once one of the biggest mines in the world, similar to Potosi in Bolivia and Zacatecas in Mexico - and as in the other cases in that era, the mine worked people to...
Reviewed:2018/03/11 Amazing history
A great place to visit and see how Sado flourished a 100 plus years ago. There is also a great shop to pick up souvenirs on the way out.

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