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A cycling tour around Karuizawa—travel by rent-a-cycle!

Karuizawa has many flat roads and is perfect for cycling. This plan introduces a one-day tour where visitors can enjoy nature, cuisine and shopping in Karuizawa while riding around by bicycle. Consider renting an electric-assist bicycle, depending on your level of fitness.
A cycling tour around Karuizawa—travel by rent-a-cycle!
  • SPOT-1
    • natural Cafeina
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  • SPOT-2
    • Kumoba Pond
    After filling your stomach, head toward the scenery Karuizawa is known for at Kumoba Pond. The seasonal variation one can witness here is absolutely beautiful. Walking around the lake is also beautiful.
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  • SPOT-3
    • Mikasa Street
    After seeing Kumoba Pond, cycle through the green tunnel, Mikasa Street. This road connects the former Karuizawa Rotary and the former Mikasa Hotel. Here you can enjoy the shade of the natural arch formed by Japanese larch trees, especially in the summer.
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  • SPOT-4
    • Former Mikasa Hotel
    Historical Monument
    The former Mikasa Hotel, located on Mikasa Road, was originally the social watering hole for well-known names. You can take a tour of the inside. Many people take a break here on their cycling journey.
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  • SPOT-5
    • Mampei Hotel Cafe Terrace
    Once you leave the former Mikasa Hotel, you can walk down Mikasa Road and head to the cafe terrace at the Mampei Hotel by way of a side road from Karuizawa Ginza Road. The milk tea that John Lennon had when he was there is still being served.
    Mampei Hotel
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  • SPOT-6
    • The Whispering Road
    Row of trees
    After resting at the Mampei Hotel, continue on along the Yagasaki River, where you'll find a row of mimosa trees dubbed the Whispering Road. Take your bike for a spin down this mysterious path.
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  • SPOT-7
    • Yagasaki Park
    Park / Green Space
    After you finish walking the Whispering Road, you'll arrive at Yagasaki Park. The beautifully grown trees in the park give you an opportunity to take a restful break.
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  • SPOT-8
    • Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
    Complex Facility / Commercial Facility
    After returning your bicycle, why not end the trip with some shopping here? You can enjoy the blend of traditional and trendy styles of Karuizawa while finding unique goods to bring back home.
    What to Do in Karuizawa