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Hokkaido 1days

From a morning market to the night view! Walk retro Hakodate

This is a walking plan around the exotic city of Hakodate, where overseas culture is deeply rooted. Hakodate offers many sights, such as seafood cuisine, a retro townscape, and night views. Make a schedule in advance, so you can smoothly travel from the morning market and bay area earlier in the day to the Motomachi area in the afternoon. We recommend visitors use the trams running for part of your journey.
From a morning market to the night view! Walk retro Hakodate
  • SPOT-1
    • Hakodate
    You’ve arrived at JR Hakodate Station. First stop is the morning market in front of the station.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-2
    • Hakodate Morning Market
    When you reach the market, head to Eki Plaza to try out some squid fishing. Anything you catch will be sliced and served as fresh, crunchy sashimi. Enjoy shopping while eating fresh fish and seafood.
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  • SPOT-3
    • Kikuyo Shokudo at the morning market
    Dining Room
    When in Hakodate, you must try kaisendon, a rice and raw seafood specialty. There is no better place than this eatery, which is popular among locals and tourists alike. Sanshokudon, a choice of three seafood ingredients plus rice, comes highly recommended. You must try the raw sea urchins, which are of the highest quality. They’re served free of saltwater and melt on the tongue.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-4
    • Kanamori Red Brick Warehouses
    Complex Facility / Commercial Facility
    This row of warehouses, now a symbol of the Hakodate bay area, is an ideal place for a relaxing stroll and a spot of shopping. The nighttime illuminations add a romantic touch.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-5
    • Lucky Pierrot Marina Suehiro
    Popularly known as Luppi, this is the home of Hakodate fast food. The hamburgers are made when ordered, so they are always fresh. Young or old, foodie or not, everyone loves Luppi’s Chinese Chicken Burgers. Take some fried chicken, coat it with a salty sweet sauce, and serve it sandwiched in a soft, fluffy bun.
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  • SPOT-6
    • Hachimansaka
    Among Hakodate’s many hilly streets, Hachimansaka stands out as the most notable. The contrast between the tree lined avenue and the view of Hakodate Bay is impressive. At the top of the slope is enka singer Saburo Kitajima’s old school, Hakodate Nishi High School.
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  • SPOT-7
    • Coffeshop Hanakanro
    Candy Store
    Operating out of a refurbished Taisho period building, this coffee shop specializes in desserts from a bygone era. The mint green western style façade has made the shop a local landmark. Hanakanro's shiratama cream anmitsu dessert is a bowl crammed with fruit plus homemade balls of sweet bean paste and rice cake. The chunks of agar will glitter like jewels.
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  • SPOT-8
    • Hakodate Craft House
    Hobby Classroom / School
    A gallery displaying and selling handicrafts which are made in Hokkaido and across Japan. Various events and exhibitions are held from time to time, sometimes attracting artists. Housed in a former shop built in the early Showa era, the gallery offers a welcoming and relaxing space.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-9
    • Hakodate Observatory
    Observatory / Outlook
    Walk to Sanroku, the lower station on Mount Hakodate Ropeway, and climb aboard one of the huge ropeway cabins, each of which can carry up to 125 passengers. In three minutes, you’ll be at the summit and taking in a famous night view that has won three Michelin stars. Best to head to the summit one or two hours before sunset.