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Okayama 1days

Walking trip to touch on Kurashiki culture

The plan explores the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarters, which are not be missed when sightseeing in Okayama. Visitors feel like they've slipped back in time as they walk around the attractive townscape, filled with unique architectural styles like white-walled houses and namako kabe walls (walls of slate with a white grid pattern) that have stood since the Edo period. A great place to explore and visit places offering unique Kurashiki taste and culture.
Walking trip to touch on Kurashiki culture
  • SPOT-1
    • Kurashiki
    Your first destination is the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter, which is about 15 minutes on foot from JR Kurashiki Station’s south exit.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-2
    • Boating on the Kurashiki River
    Pleasure Boat / Water Cruise
    Kurashiki River flows through the center of the historical quarter. From the pleasure boats, there is an enchanting view of the district’s white-walled streets. Boat tickets can be purchased at the Kurashiki Tourist Information Center on the same day.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-3
    • Yuurin-an Guesthouse & Café
    Yuurin-an serve cute pudding-based desserts, as well as tamago-kake gohan, or egg on rice, which is made from the best Okayama ingredients.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-4
    • Ohara Museum of Art
    Art Museum
    Next, head to Japan’s oldest museum dedicated to Western art. The building, which dates back to 1930 and resembles a Greek temple from the outside, is an attraction in itself.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-5
    • Kurashiki Denim Street
    Other Fast Food
    Here you’ll find an abundance of items made from Kurashiki denim, which originated in the city’s Kojima district. There’s even blue-colored denim ice cream and denim man, a type of savory bun.
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  • SPOT-6
    • Kurashiki Momoko
    Other Coffee Shop
    There’s no more elegant place to stop for dessert than this café. Try the parfait with seasonal fruit. The puddings and jellies made from white peaches are excellent souvenirs.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-7
    • Nyochiku-do
    General Daily Goods Shop
    This masking tape specialty shop boasts the largest selection of such tape in Japan. The store also offers a hands-on experience, allowing you to decorate hand fans and paper bags with your favorite tape designs. Don't miss this shop showcasing specialty masking tape that can only be found in Kurashiki.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-8
    • Hayashi Genjuro Shoten Kurashiki Design Market
    Complex Facility / Commercial Facility
    If you want to check out the Kurashiki of today, head to this eight-store shopping complex, which sells clothing, food and interior goods. There’s the excitement of treasure hunting as you flit from one store to the next.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-9
    • Mingei-chaya Shinsui
    The sound of jazz flows through this well-liked eatery. Try the sesame tofu, which is exquisite and very popular with regular customers. If you want a bit of banter with the staff, then grab a seat at the counter. The manager of the place is always very entertaining.