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Gifu 1days

An itinerary of unique art spots in Gifu and the famous water town, Ogaki

Yoro Tenmei Hantenchi (Site of Reversible Destiny) is a giant theme park in Yoro, Gifu Prefecture. After some physical exercise of taking in the strangely shaped artwork on the sloping ground of this mysterious park, take a leisurely walk around the famous water town, Ogaki. Try the soothing traditional Japanese sweets made from the delicious water.
An itinerary of unique art spots in Gifu and the famous water town, Ogaki
  • SPOT-1
    • Yoro
    When you arrive at JR Yoro Station, you’ll notice the many gourds hanging from above the platform. This is a nod to the local legend of an obedient son who went to the waterfall to collect water in a gourd, but found, when he gave it to his father, that it had turned into sake.
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  • SPOT-2
    • Site of Reversible Destiny
    Amusement Park / Theme Park
    An undulating area of rugged slopes, peculiar pavilions, and a dark maze are just waiting for you to discover them. This art theme park, the brainchild of a poet and a contemporary artist, is for adults who like to be surprised and mentally tested. The two creators' extraordinary vision permeates the entire park.
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  • SPOT-3
    • Rakuichi Rakuza
    Complex Facility / Commercial Facility
    You don’t need to go far to enjoy some local food and good Yoro beer, as this food court is part of the Site of Reversible Destiny. The food court’s terrace offers a wonderful sense of open space.
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  • SPOT-4
    • Ogaki
    With a full stomach, head back to Yoro Station and catch the train to JR Ogaki Station.
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  • SPOT-5
    • Ogaki Hachiman Shrine
    Shrine (Inari/Gongen)
    Ogaki has an abundance of artesian wells. One classic example can be found on the grounds of Ogaki Hachiman Shrine, where the water bubbles up from a depth of 125 meters. Feel free to fill your water bottle from the well.
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  • SPOT-6
    • Masu Kobo Masuya
    Experience Hall / Accommodation Experience (Training) Facility
    Ogaki is Japan’s largest producer of “masu,” the square, wooden cups used to serve sake. Masuya, a third-generation masu manufacturer, acts as both studio and shop. Here, you’ll find numerous unusual items that make perfect souvenirs, including masu filled with bath salts and a masu in the shape of a beer mug.
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  • SPOT-7
    • Kinchoen Sohonke
    Candy Store
    End your day with some old-fashioned Japanese sweets surrounded by over 200 years of history. The slightly sweet Kinchoen Manju, stuffed with sweet bean paste blanched in Ogaki’s artesian water and scented with sake, look too good to eat. Mizu Manju, available only from the end of March to the beginning of October, are also very popular.