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Tour of Tomonoura, the town overlooking the sea and Sensui Island

This is a luxurious one-day itinerary that goes from the town of Tomonoura to the uninhabited Sensui Island. Enjoy the beautiful, unspoiled feel of Tomonoura, well-loved by overseas visitors, and the scenery and powerful energy of Sensui Island to your heart’s content.
Tour of Tomonoura, the town overlooking the sea and Sensui Island
  • SPOT-1
    • Fukuzenji & Taichoro Reception Hall
    Historical Monument
    Today the symbol of Tomonoura, Fukuzenji and the adjoining reception hall are best visited first thing in the morning. Taichoro, which is within the temple grounds, opens at 8am. When framed by Taichoro’s large windows, the stunning landscape takes on the appearance of a picture.
    Where to Go Tomonoura
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  • SPOT-2
    • Onfunayado Iroha
    For lunch, stop by this café made famous by Studio Ghibli’s Miyazaki Hayao. The building was renovated according to a sketch made by the well-known anime director. The core of the menu here is sea bream and a variety of pickles. “Taizukushi-gozen,” which comprises simmered head of sea bream served alongside sea bream chawanmushi, is very popular.
    Onfunayado Iroha
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-3
    • Sensui Island
    After lunch, catch the Heisei Iroha Maru ferry to Sensui Island, a five-minute boat ride from the port at Fukuyama. There’s a ferry every 20 minutes to and from the island.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-4
    • Goshiki-iwa
    After arriving on Sensui Island, make your way to Goshiki-iwa. Literally “five-colored rock,” this formation is the result of volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. You should be able to make out black, red, blue, yellow, and white. Not only is it Japan’s sole rock formation with five colors, but Goshiki-iwa is also said to be the island’s strongest “power spot.”
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  • SPOT-5
    • Edofuro
    Hot Spring Ryokan
    “Jinseikan ga kawaru yado Koko kara” means “The hotel where your sense of life will change From here.” The hotel has seven natural baths, including a steam bath, that are known collectively as Edofuro. You’re expected to enter the baths clothed, and follow a predetermined order if you wish to experience the full detox effect.
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  • SPOT-6
    • All-night Lights
    Historical Monument
    When you return to mainland, check out another symbol of Tomonoura, the all-night lights. When the lights automatically come on after dark, they reveal a town that looks very different to what it does in the daytime.