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Saitama 1days

Stroll around Kawagoe, the "Little Edo" of Saitama one day plan including Hikawa Shrine

Recharge your mind and body at Kawagoe's famous "power spot," then relax at the shrine cafe. In the afternoon, stroll down the quaint streets of "Little Edo" a popular girly day trip!
Stroll around Kawagoe, the "Little Edo" of Saitama one day plan including Hikawa Shrine
  • SPOT-1
    • Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine
    Shrine (Inari/Gongen)
    Since ancient times, this has been a shrine dedicated to the god of love and Kawagoe's power spot. During "Enmusubi Furin," which is held from July to early September, countless wind chimes are hung up to create soothing sounds and sights! Many girls can be spotted wearing yukata too.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-2
    • Mocha Coffee Café
    A cafe located on the first floor of the "Hikawa Kaikan," next to Hikawa Shrine. The warm and wooden interior of the cafe is most welcoming, and there are many colorful cakes on offer, including Musubi rolls, which are made from wasanbon (fine grained Japanese sugar) combined with chestnuts.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-3
    • Main street and historic buildings of the Warehouse District
    Traditional Streets/Houses
    Be transported back to the Edo period as you stroll down the Warehouse District's main street, lined by beautifully preserved buildings. Admire the 400 year old "Bell of Time" clock tower, which still chimes four times a day! Its beautiful chimes are included on the official "100 soundscapes of Japan" list.
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  • SPOT-4
    • Kashiya Yokocho (Candy Alley)
    A popular spot where old fashioned sweet shops line the narrow street. The many nostalgic candies and snacks on offer are almost impossible to resist! Take a moment to enjoy some Kawagoe specialities, such as Takosen, takoyaki sandwiched between rice crackers, or a sweet potato ice cream.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-5
    • Kawagoe bakery "Raku Raku"
    A bakery which aims to make breads to match Japanese tastes. Japanese wheat and ingredients are used to create natural and delicious products, making the bakery very popular with locals and tourists alike. The number one best seller is miso bread, a sweet and rustic flavored bread.
  • Walk & Train
  • SPOT-6
    • Ayanoka
    Japanese Confectionery
    A shop which uses local ingredients to create Japanese sweets, offering new taste sensations. Enjoy a cup of tea and sample the delicious sweets while taking a rest in the second floor cafe. Try the Mizu manju, popular summer sweets made of red bean paste covered in a clear jelly like kuzu starch, creating a gentle sweet and smooth taste.