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Kisami Ohama Beach and Neighborhood

Located in Minami Izu, Kisami Ohama beach is one of the more popular, albeit slightly hidden, beaches in the south. Overlooked by the famous Shirahama beach, Kisami Ohama is more difficult to access by public transport but more secluded and less crowded. Visitors who stay in the nearby resorts and hotels are rewarded with clear waters and local venues.

Kisami Ohama Beach and Neighborhood
  • Kisami Ohama is flanked by mountains behind the beach with cliffs jutting out into the sea. The seaside cliffs are rocky and make for good snorkeling. The majority of the beach is sandy and soft, making it a family friendly spot. The beach lacks any sort of rocks or sharp objects and children can run around the large space aimlessly. The sand strip provides ample space for the busy season in the summer, however it rarely gets too crowded.

    The water is relatively tame which makes for a good swimming spots for beginners or children. The deeper sea offers larger swells and rougher water. Kisami Ohama is one of the most popular places to learn surfing in Shimoda. The water isn’t as rough as Shirahama so beginners can feel more comfortable in the water.

    The lodging ranges from upper class luxury resorts to small guest houses where guests cook their own meals. Access from Shimoda station is not difficult, a 15 minute bus ride or 10 minute drive will get visitors to the beach in no time. While reaching Kisami Ohama is easy, most visitors tend to gravitate towards the more popular and famous beaches. Kisami Ohama is well known but has more of a local vibe without the crowds and tourist attractions.

    The locals in Kisami Ohama tend to be the wealthy and famous. Western style mansions dot the mountains surrounding the beach and European sports cars sweep through the winding roads. The Ernest House is a guesthouse that resembles a parallel European universe. Named after Ernest Hemingway and inspired by the 1920s “Lost Generation”, the Ernest House provides western style lodging only a few minutes from the beach. The rooms are affordable and offer a view of the canal. The breakfast is served in a picnic basket and can be taken to the beach. The breakfast is handmade and features coffee, a breakfast sandwich and sides, depending on the season.

    The beach is surrounded by local cafes and restaurants. The area around Kisami Ohama lacks chain restaurants and other city commodities. Houses run along the canal that empties into the ocean. Kisami Ohama has a small, beach town feel, making visitors feel welcome. There are a variety of cafes serving lunches during the daytime. Most of the smaller places close after the sun sets. For dinner, most visitors head to the hotels. The White Beach Hotel is a popular option for evening Italian dishes while Coco de Mer is known for its bar and relaxed vibe. The Ernest House also offers a restaurant, closing at 10PM, late for Kisami Ohama standards, and a beachfront cafe. The cafe is popular with surfers and their dogs, tracking sand in and enjoying lunch and a quick drink. Both the restaurant and cafe are open to visitors, not just guests.

    Ernest House
    Shizuoka Pref. Shimodashi Kisami 1893-1
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