The Ogi Folk Museum

If you want to get a glimpse of what life on Sado Island was like back in the day, we suggest you stop by at the Ogi Folk Museum, where over 30,000 cultural artefacts are on display. Their most impressive item is a true-to-life replica of an old wooden cargo ship.

The Ogi Folk Museum

The Ogi Folk museum is located in an old schoolhouse, built almost 100 years ago and worth a close look in itself. On the inside, you will find a plethora of artefacts that date back as far as to the edo era.

The Ogi Folk Museum

The most striking item on display, is a replica of a Sengokubune cargo ship called “Hakusanmaru”. It has been built following an original blueprint of a ship that was built in Shukunegi back in 1858. The replica was built made from Sado grown cedar trees, just like the original. The inside of the ship has also been faithfully recreated. Visitors to the museum are welcome to have a look inside, and take a close look at details such as the inside cabin covered in tatami flooring. Every July, a festival is held when the ship is pulled outside of the museum and displayed with its sails fully raised.

The Ogi Folk Museum

Next to the ship, there’s a selection where old shipbuilding tools are on display. Thinking about how every little detail on a ship was carved out by human hands makes you truly appreciate the effort that the shipbuilders put into their work back then.

The Ogi Folk Museum

The rest of the museum is dedicated to a variety of historical objects that range from old Edo and Meji era fishing and farming tools, as well as kimonos and various religious artefacts such as old Buddhist statues and scrolls.

The Ogi Folk Museum

Imported collectibles are also being displayed here, making it a great place to stop by for anyone interested in Japanese history.

Our only complaint is that there isn’t much information available in English at all. Hopefully this might change in the future, but for now we suggest that you go with a Japanese speaking friend, if possible, as it might be difficult to understand everything and truly appreciate all the small details otherwise.

The Ogi Folk Museum is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm everyday except Mondays during December, January and February. It is located a few minutes’ walk from the old fishing and shipbuilding town of Shukunegi, frequented by buses.

Facility Name
Sado Island’s Ogi Folk Museum, Sengokubune Exhibition Hall
Nigata Pref. Sadoshi Shukunegi 270-2
Dec.-Feb., Monday, 12/29-1/3
[Admission fee]500yen、Elementary and junior high school students 200yen
Parking Lot
Credit Card
Not available
This museum is located in a wooden schoolhouse built in 1920 that has been preserved as-is. Inside the building which still bears the vestiges of its days as a schoolhouse are displays for a collection of over 30,000 folk materials that have been designated as important tangible folk-cultural properties, including tools and equipment for shipbuilders. During the Hakusan Maru Matsuri festival held every summer, the Hakusan Maru, Japan’s first fully-restored sengokubune (wooden freight ship) that is on display in the museum, is pulled out under human power and an impressive large white sail that is 155 tatami mats in size is raised.
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    Sado Island’s Ogi Folk Museum, Sengokubune Exhibition Hall

    Nigata Pref. Sadoshi Shukunegi 270-2