Stay at Guesthouse Sakuya in Lake Kawaguchiko

Quaint, cozy, and affordable, Guesthouse Sakuya is a wonderful accommodation option for those who want to indulge with the natural beauty of Lake Kawaguchiko and local hospitality without breaking their budget.

Perched on a hill top at the bottom of Mt. Kurodake, Sakuya has the look of a European mountain chalet and the charm of Japanese countryside living. The guesthouse is run by Taka-san and Risa-san, a young couple who, from the moment guests arrive, go above and beyond to provide a memorable stay not only at their place but also in the Fuji Five Lakes area. Taka-san is a professional Mount Fuji guide and, besides welcoming travelers to his guesthouse, he provides guiding services to climb Fujisan as well as tips on secret spots for a hike or photographing the landscape. Risa-san, in the meantime, is the friendly face at the front of the guesthouse and is always happy to provide sightseeing or restaurant recommendations with a local perspective.

Guesthouse Sakuya

Once inside the guesthouse, travelers will find an attractive balance between staying at an intimate lodge, the comforts typical of a Japanese ryokan, and the cordiality of guesthouse-style accommodation. The price of a one-night stay ranges from 6,300 to 8,500 yen depending on the season and the style of accommodation which includes twin bedrooms and Japanese-style rooms. The guestrooms, the inviting common areas filled with natural lighting, and the cozy onsen bath surrounded by the forest, all make for a delightful stay at Sakuya.

Guesthouse Sakuya

Whether sleeping on the first or second floor, all guestrooms have an unobstructed view of the enclosing mountains. According to Japanese literature, “Sakuya” means the goddess of Mount Fuji; a fitting name for a guesthouse where travelers can wake up and take in the beauty of Fujisan right from their futon. When Mount Fuji is not in sight, the view through the wide bedroom windows is still remarkable and filled with all the seasonal colours and even a glimpse of Lake Kawaguchiko in the distance. The rooms are simple but include all the frills found at a standard Japanese ryokan, such as a yukata, towels, and tea sets.

Guesthouse Sakuya

With all the leisure activities in the area, staying in is not the usual way to go at Kawaguchiko. However, for those who choose to take it easy at Guesthouse Sakuya, the common lounge, the dining room, and the wooden deck are perfect to spend the morning or afternoon catching up on your reading or looking out for the local wildlife. With prior notice, this is where visitors can enjoy a warm home cooked meal for a small extra fee. On cooler days relaxing by the fireplace is the place to unwind and a good preamble to a private session at the onsen.

Guesthouse Sakuya

Being in one of the best regions for hot springs, it is not surprising for Guesthouse Sakuya to have its own onsen at the guests’ disposal. What is a great surprise is to be able to have this beautiful bath all to oneself. From 7am to 9am, the onsen at Sakuya is open for public bathing but from 5pm onwards and by reserving a time slot, guests can have the bath house all to themselves for a whole 40 minutes. The onsen bath is open until 11pm so even those hanging about until later in the evening can relax in the mineral waters from Fujisan.

Guesthouse Sakuya

Guesthouse Sakuya is within easy access from the central Fujikawaguchiko. If driving, guests can reach this gem after a pleasant drive along the northern shores of Lake Kawaguchiko. Otherwise, Taka-san provides a complimentary pickup service at Kawaguchiko Station. Rental bicycles are also available at Sakuya and are a great option to discover the area with fruit farms abound and the Natural Living Centre just a stone’s throw away.



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