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Itineraries in Tomonoura

Tomonoura is small town that you can comfortably explore in one day. Here’s our suggested way of doing so.

Itineraries in Tomonoura
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    You will most likely arrive at Tomonoura by bus from Fukuyama. We recommend that you get off the bus at the tourist information center, where you can get some free maps, or even rent an audio guide that will give you a good explanation in English to many of the sightseeing spots Tomonoura has to offer.

    Walk along the waterfront, just following the road that you arrived on, until you get to the port where the boat for Sensui Jima departs. If you plan to visit this little island – and we really think you should – now is a good chance. The ride there takes just five minutes, and the island is full of beautiful nature, some small shops and restaurants, as well as a hotel with a public bath.

    Continue straight past the Sensui Jima boat ticket office, and head up to the temple on top of the small mountain behind it. From up here you’ll get a splendid view of the Seto Inland Sea, and the many islands it contains. This hill is also something of a cat-lovers paradise – when we went here the stairs leading up to the temple was teeming with them.

    Continue towards the port of Tomonoura and head into the old town. This is the highlight of Tomonoura, and one of the few preserved Edo period ports in all of Japan. Make sure to explore the many charming shops and restaurants that you pass on your way, and don’t forget to look for the homages to Studio Ghibli and their movie “Ponyo” scattered all over town.

    Head to the lighthouse at the waterfront, in the middle of the old town in Tomonoura. Two cafes are located next to it, and it’s a good place to rest before you continue your exploration of Tomonoura. For the next stop, we suggest heading up to the temples on the mountain on the west side of town.

    Hiroshima Pref. Fukuyamashi Sannomaruchou
    Sensui-jima Island
    Hiroshima Pref. Fukuyamashi Tomochou Ushiroji
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