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* Posted data is from 2018 and is reference information. 2019 data to be updated around June 2019.

Fireworks Festivals in Japan 2018

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Nagano Ebisuko Fireworks Display
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  • Nagano Ebisuko Fireworks Display
    Nagano Ebisuko Fireworks Display
    Nagano-shi, Nagano prefecture (west side of Nagano Ohashi/Saikawa second green space)
    This fireworks display in Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture is rare in Japan because it is held in November. A historic display that began in 1899, pyrotechnics masters from around Japan gather there and the 12 Inch Shell New Fireworks Contest is held to reveal new fireworks. The best parts to see include the gorgeous Music Star Mine, a collaboration of music and fireworks, and the Wide Display 10 Inch Shell x 100 Shots.
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    12,000 shots
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