Marunouchi Overview


Marunouchi generally refers to the area between the inner and outer moats of Edo Castle, but today it’s expanded well beyond those confines and stretches from Yurakucho to Otemachi and includes Tokyo Station as well. Once home to the palaces of powerful lords closely aligned with the shogun, the land was later purchased by the Mitsubishi Corporation which built their headquarters here. In fact, they’re still the largest owner of real estate in the area to this day.

The daimyo residences are long gone, and today Marunouchi is Japan’s main financial sector. For years, it was primarily a business district but in the past decade there’s been a concerted effort to revitalize the area and make it more entertaining both day and night.

Of course, the area’s main claim to fame is the Imperial Palace which contains some preserved buildings of the shogun’s castle. History or castle buffs may want to explore as much of it as possible, but for the average tourist, a simple walk around the East Garden is more than adequate.

Despite being right downtown, the area is still quite peaceful, and thanks to the Imperial Palace there are plenty of wide open spaces to enjoy, and museums, galleries, and shopping when you want to be indoors.

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