Ueno Overview


Ueno is one of the main neighbourhoods in the northeastern part of central Tokyo, being somewhat of the hub where most of the commuters living in the eastern suburbs pass through on their way to and from work. This has helped the area grow into one of the most vibrant parts of Tokyo, with many things to see and do.

The most obvious first choice has to be Ueno Park. Founded back in 1873, just one year after Yellowstone, the first national park in the world, Ueno Park has grown into the one of the most city parks in all of Tokyo. Today, the park boasts over ten million annual visitors, and it’s easy to understand why. Apart from being one of the top spots in Tokyo for cherry blossom viewing, the park also has one of the most impressive temples, some of Tokyo’s finest museums and the oldest zoo in Japan on its premises.

Another popular sightseeing spot in Ueno is the Ameyoko market street – the biggest of its kind in all of Japan --. Here you will find everything from delicious street food to fashion, fresh fish, bags and accessories. The atmosphere at Ameyoko is akin to a southeastern street market with shopkeepers doing anything to get the attention of potential customers, compared to many other markets in Japan, this is unique.

Walk a few blocks past Ueno Park and you will get to the Yanaka area, where you will find Yanaka Ginza, one of Tokyo’s most charming traditional shopping streets. In case you make it over here, we highly recommend that you also venture off the biggest streets and explore the back alleys around here, where you can find many shops run by local artisans and designers.
Sandwiched between Yanaka and Ueno, you will find Nezu, another traditional shitamachi area that apart from the many local izakayas and restaurants serving simple yet delicious Japanese food also is where Nezu Shrine, one of Tokyo’s finest shrines, is located.

If you want to learn more about this part of town in particular, and traditional Japanese Shitamachi (the term used for Tokyo’s lowlands in the eastern parts of town.) districts in general, we highly recommend that you pay a visit to the “Shitamachi museum”, located in an old wooden building next to the Shinobazu pond in Ueno Park.

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